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this hole was made for me.

tee part one | tee part two

pillow part one | pillow part two

tote part one | tote part two

Are you serious

So let me a thing again, see this, this is my phobia, this is my true deep down in my blood fear. That there is a hole out there, that is MY hole…that I would want to get in it and this would happen. Long before I even know that the Enigma of Amigara Fault was even a thing this was a fear. I had no idea the comic existed or that other people knew about this kind of thing, I had this fear for YEARS. And when I found that manga I started to shake, cry and had to stop a few times cause I KNEW what was coming…this even now, makes me squick, I can;t even look at the damn images above this text wall without feeling a little blagh…so yeah, MORE GET TO KNOW BAD GENGAR AND THE SHIT THAT MAKES HIM TICK.

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